UDABugsFixedBugs Fixed <tgroup><thead /><tbody> <row><entry><emphasis>Bug</emphasis></entry><entry> <emphasis>Description</emphasis></entry></row> <row><entry>506 </entry><entry> Oracle 8.0 on AIX fails InterDev and VB6 tests</entry></row> <row><entry>734 </entry><entry> Mac OS X iODBC installer overwrites existing symbolic links.</entry></row> <row><entry>950 </entry><entry> Windows Installer error `Severe -- VJ CLASSPATH too long to update`</entry></row> <row><entry>1047</entry><entry> Version String for testcono should read `ODBC` not `UDBC`</entry></row> <row><entry>1227 </entry><entry> Modify Tracing tab description on Classic, to match Mac OS X</entry></row> <row><entry>1486 </entry><entry> sql2k_mv needs support for `translate character data` setting</entry></row> <row><entry>1833 </entry><entry> odbctest documentation is incomplete</entry></row> <row><entry>1841 </entry><entry> user-authentication fails, though UID/PWD are known correct</entry></row> <row><entry>1968 </entry><entry> oplrvc scripts are not documented</entry></row> <row><entry>2074 </entry><entry> Progress 9.1C SQL Lite [Release 4.2] does not connect!</entry></row> <row><entry>2199 </entry><entry> DB2 Lite screen shots don't match actual interface & help text is recursive</entry></row> <row><entry>2220 </entry><entry> Current 4.2 SQL 92 Lite installer contains non-working Driver DLL</entry></row> <row><entry>2229 </entry><entry> privileges must be set to permit ADMIN group write access...</entry></row> <row><entry>2330 </entry><entry> iODBC HTTP Admin needs correct version graphic on About tab</entry></row> <row><entry>2455 </entry><entry> Admin Assistant wizard and Mozilla browser</entry></row> <row><entry>2685 </entry><entry> prs91_sv.exe as of 4.2.2002-03-27 installer fails on some Windows boxes</entry></row> <row><entry>2762 </entry><entry> LingerTimeOut option needs to be documented</entry></row> <row><entry>2831 </entry><entry> data type `bit` returns `0.0` for every record, regardless of actual content (all Unix; Windows SQL Lite unavailable)</entry></row> <row><entry>2863 </entry><entry> MS Access "#deleted" errors when primary key is SQL_BIGINT</entry></row> <row><entry>2880 </entry><entry> Unix Lite needs updated file names</entry></row> <row><entry>2903 </entry><entry> Postgres driver updated fail using the OLEDB rowsetviewer program</entry></row> <row><entry>2971 </entry><entry> Rel 4.2 installer fails to populate classpath, no informative error when no license</entry></row> <row><entry>3097 </entry><entry> SQLDataSources() does not follow API spec</entry></row> <row><entry>3168 </entry><entry> MT 4.2 sql2k driver doesn't bring back bigint data (sql6 driver can)</entry></row> <row><entry>3254 </entry><entry> [SQL Server]Syntax error converting datetime from character string in SCO ODBC SDK</entry></row> <row><entry>3265 </entry><entry> remove notation of `beta release` from iODBC description</entry></row> <row><entry>3266 </entry><entry> Installer must not reboot Macintosh without user confirmation</entry></row> <row><entry>3272 </entry><entry> iODBC 3.5.3 SQLDriverConnect() fails with System DSNs, unless Driver is also specified</entry></row> <row><entry>3325 </entry><entry> client connections to Oracle 9.2 on Mac OS X require new libclntsh.dylib.9.0</entry></row> <row><entry>3328 </entry><entry> Retrieval of Progress Decimals results in DB Server Crash and Driver General Error</entry></row> <row><entry>3330 </entry><entry> SQLSetConnectAttr or SQLSetConnectOption fails to set transaction isolation level</entry></row> <row><entry>3366 </entry><entry> TDS Lite drivers are not "describing" columns as NULLABLE</entry></row> <row><entry>3423 </entry><entry> TDS Lite Driver does not recognise 'option + f' special character on Mac Classic</entry></row> <row><entry>3464 </entry><entry> 4.2 Lite driver doesn't bring back BYTE 800 Ingres data (Multi-tier does)</entry></row> <row><entry>3483 </entry><entry> PostgreSQL Lite license for Linux does not work</entry></row> <row><entry>3487 </entry><entry> MIN_FIELD_LEN not available in Progress Lite</entry></row> <row><entry>3516 </entry><entry> SQLGetConnectAttr (SQL_ATTR_CURRENT_CATALOG <computeroutput>=</computeroutput> 109) fails with `Option type out of range`</entry></row> <row><entry>3533 </entry><entry> Datetime and timestamp columns do not work as expected in TDS Driver</entry></row> </tbody></tgroup></table> <para> </para></section></docbook>