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    OpenLink .NET Data Provider for ODBC Pre-Installation Requirements

    Pre-Installation Requirements for Mono Clients

    DBMS Requirements

    • Your target database must be ODBC and SQL compliant.
    • You must possess enough knowledge to establish an ODBC connection to this database using third-party or native ODBC drivers.

    Software Requirements

    • You need a functional Mono CLR runtime.
    • You need to ensure that you have the iODBC or other ODBC Driver Manager installed on non-Windows platforms.
    • You must possess third-party or native drivers that connect to your target database. A client portion of these drivers must be installed on the same machine as OpenLink's .NET Data Provider for ODBC.

    Configuration Requirements

    • You will need to ensure that your environment is configured to promote connectivity using your third-party or native ODBC driver. OpenLink Product Support can provide minimal assistance in this area. Ideally, you will use your drivers to create a System Data Source Name for greater compatibility with OpenLink needs.
    • You must know the exact name of one or more third party or native Data Source Names that connect to your target data source.

    Proceed to Installation Documentation: OpenLink .NET Data Provider for ODBC Installation and Configuration

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