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    Pre-Installation Requirements for Single-Tier "Lite" Edition ODBC Driver for JDBC Data Sources (a/k/a ODBC-to-JDBC Bridge), for Mac OS X

    DBMS Requirements

    • Your target data source must be SQL compliant.
    • You must possess enough knowledge to establish a JDBC connection to this database using third-party or native JDBC drivers.

    Software Requirements

    • You must possess third-party or native JDBC drivers that connect to your target database. A client portion of these drivers must be installed on the same machine as the Single-Tier "Lite" Edition ODBC Driver for JDBC Data Sources.
    • The JDBC driver jar file (or a symbolic link to it) must be installed in the /Library/Java/Extensions/ directory which serves as Mac OS X's default CLASSPATH. Supporting libraries (or links to them) may also need to be installed in this directory, or in one of Mac OS X's default shared library directories (e.g., /usr/local/lib/, /usr/lib/, etc.).
    • You must have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that is compatible with our components.
      • The JRE was part of the default Mac OS X installation, for Cheetah (10.0) through Snow Leopard (10.6).
      • As of Lion (10.7), you may need to manually choose to add Java, but the OS should prompt you to do so when you try to use Java components.
      • All Java software shipped by Apple and installed as part of Mac OS X is compatible.
      • All Java software obtainable from Oracle for Lion (10.7) and later is compatible.
    • Important note for Snow Leopard (10.6), Leopard (10.5), and Tiger (10.4) users: PowerPC-based applications on Intel-based Macs cannot connect through our "Lite" Edition ODBC-to-JDBC Bridge, due to limitations in Mac OS X and its JRE. Commonly problematic applications include Microsoft Query as shipped with Microsoft Office:Mac v.X through Microsoft Office:Mac 2011 (upon which Microsoft Excel 2011 and earlier depend), and FileMaker Pro v8 and earlier.
      • PowerPC-native applications on PowerPC-based Macs can connect through our "Lite" Edition ODBC-to-JDBC Bridge.
      • Intel-native applications, and Universal Binary applications which include Intel-native components, on Intel-based Macs can connect through our "Lite" Edition ODBC-to-JDBC Bridge.
      • PowerPC-based applications on Intel-based Macs can connect through our Multi-Tier "Enterprise" Edition JDBC Bridge solution.

    Configuration Requirements

    • You must be able to connect to the target database using the JDBC driver. OpenLink Product Support can provide minimal assistance in this area.
    • You must know the driver class name of the JDBC driver.
    • You must know the full details of the JDBC connection URL that connects to your target database.


    Proceed to Installation & Configuration.

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