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    OpenLink License Manager Usage Notes


    OpenLink UDA Multi-Tier drivers comprise at least 3 components: a generic client installed on client machines, all of which contact a central request broker which spawns an RDBMS-specific database agent to connect to the specific database requested. The request-broker asks the license-manager for licenses for every connection requested.

    For UDA release 6.0, the oplmgr process was started automatically by the request-broker (oplrqb). As of release 6.1, this behaviour has changed. In order that you should only need one license-manager per server, handling licenses for a variety of products (particularly combinations of Multi-Tier and OpenLink Virtuoso Universal Server), the license-manager must now be explicitly started before other services requiring it. The release 6.1 installers now check if a License Manager (oplmgr) process is already running and if not start their own local instance.

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