NoValidLicenseWasFoundNo valid license was foundNo valid license was found "No valid license was found" errors tend to arise from one of three scenarios: The licensed environment reports more logical processors than the license permits. Licenses must be obtained for the number of logical processors in the deployment host. Hyper-threading may cause the environment to report more logical processors than there are physical cores present. Users may choose to disable hyper-threading. Alternatively, users may contact our Sales or Support teams for alternative solutions. The license in place is for a different major release than the components installed on the machine (e.g., Release 6.x components, with a Release 5.x license). Users should contact our Sales team to obtain an appropriate license. If the above are not the issue -- Ensure that you have a valid license file. Ensure that binary preserving methods were used to transfer the license file(s) from machine to machine. Ensure that the OpenLink-relevant environment variables were set with the appropriate command for your active shell -- <tgroup><thead /><tbody> <row><entry> <emphasis>active shell</emphasis> </entry><entry> <emphasis>command</emphasis> </entry></row> <row><entry> sh, bash, ksh, zsh, and related </entry><entry> <span style="color: red"> UNKNOWN tag: /path/to/</span> or <span style="color: red"> UNKNOWN tag: /path/to/</span> </entry></row> <row><entry> csh, tcsh, and related </entry><entry> <span style="color: red"> UNKNOWN tag: /path/to/openlink.csh</span> </entry></row> </tbody></tgroup></table> </listitem> <listitem> Use <programlisting>echo $OPL_LICENSE_DIR </programlisting>to confirm that the OPL_LICENSE_DIR environment variable has been set. <emphasis>This should be set by the or openlink.csh script above!</emphasis> If not, set and export the variable from the commandline. This PATH variable must include the directory that contains your license file. For example: <programlisting>export OPL_LICENSE_DIR=/usr/openlink/bin;/etc/oplmgr </programlisting></listitem> <listitem> Ensure that you can establish basic ODBC connections using simple applications like odbctest or iodbctest. </listitem> <listitem> If using Oracle HSODBC or DG4ODBC -- <itemizedlist mark="bullet" spacing="compact"><listitem> Ensure that the OpenLink-relevant environment variables were set as part of the Oracle and Listener startup routines. </listitem> <listitem> Add the OPL_LICENSE_DIR environment variable to the inithsodbc.ora file, if licensing problems persist. You may also set other environment variables, like ODBCINIor the Single-Tier OPENLINKINI, in inithsodbc.ora, as needed. </listitem> </itemizedlist></listitem> <listitem> Test. </listitem> </orderedlist></section></docbook>