InstallODBCLiteMono OpenLink .NET Data Provider for ODBC Installation and Configuration Review Preinstallation Documentation: OpenLink .NET Data Provider for ODBC Pre-Installation Requirements Installation The OpenLink .NET Data Provider for ODBC for Mono is currently distributed as a single .dll.Simply download the .dll and place it in the folder from which your .NET application runs.Configuration Ensure that you have obtained your OpenLink license file. Place this license in the same directory as the .dll.There is no additional configuration involved, unless you placed your .dll in a non-standard location. If you did not place your .dll in the directory from which your .NET application runs, you need to ensure that your Global Assembly Cache (MONO_GAC_PREFIX) environment variable passes the directory that contains the .dll.Provider Name: OpenLink.Data.IOdbcClient.dllConnection String: DSN=;UID=;PWD=;DSN = A local ODBC Data Source Name UID = Username associated with Data Source Name PWD = Password associated with Data Source NameExample: DSN=Oracle 10 on AIX52;UID=scott;PWD=tiger Proceed to Commercial Licensing Documentation:Should you decide to purchase a commercial license at the end of your evaluation period, be sure to consult our documentation which explains the placement and uptake of commercial license files and the use of our OpenLink License Manager technology: License Technology & Application