OpenLink Generic JDBC Driver Installation and Configuration

Review Preinstallation Documentation: OpenLink Generic JDBC Driver Pre-Installation Requirements


  1. The OpenLink Generic JDBC Driver for Windows is distributed in a single .msi file.

  2. Click the Open link that appears in your Downloads dialog, or double-click the file.

  3. Click Next. Choose among the Typical, Complete, or Custom installation types.

  4. Click Next. Use the next dialog to specify the installation directory, if you chose the custom installation option:

  5. Click Next. You can choose which options to install, if you chose the custom installation option:

  6. Click Next. Then click the Install button.

  7. Installation is complete. Click the Finish button.

  8. You may be prompted to restart your computer, if you have a pre-existing OpenLink License Manager running on your computer.


The OpenLink installer should set your CLASSPATH. You should have a pre-existing JAVA_HOME directory that points to the root of your Java installation; this same directory should also be included in your PATH. No further configuration should be needed.