OpenLink Generic JDBC Driver Installation and Configuration

Review Preinstallation Documentation: Pre-Installation Requirements for Multi-Threaded Generic JDBC Driver (OSX)


The OpenLink Generic JDBC Driver for Mac OS X is distributed in a single disk image (.dmg) file, which contains a Macintosh Installer mpkg.

Double-click the mpkg to start the installation process.

You will encounter a warning message that will ask you if you are sure that you want to install the software click to continue.

The installer will display a Welcome message. Click "Continue."

The next screen will display the Read Me file, including any last- minute updates to these documents. Please read carefully and click "Continue" when finished.

The next screen will display the License Agreement for the OpenLink Generic JDBC Driver. Please read and click "Continue."

You will be prompted to "Agree" to continue the installation or "Disagree" to abort.

You will be asked to select a Destination Volume. Generally, this should be your Mac OS X boot volume. Click on the desired disk icon and then click "Continue."

You may now choose the Easy Install, or if you are an experienced user, you may Customize which components are installed. OpenLink generally recommends the Easy Install.

If you have installed OpenLink or iODBC components in the past, click "Upgrade" to continue. Otherwise, click "Install."

If you chose the custom option, select which of the following components to install.

You must have an Administration username and password to install the OpenLink driver. Enter your Mac OS X Username and Password.

When the process is complete, you will be told that the software was successfully installed. Click "Close" and your new database driver is ready for use.


The OpenLink installer should set your CLASSPATH. You should have a pre-existing JAVA_HOME directory that points to the root of your JAVA installation. No further configuration should be needed.

Driver Name: opljdbc3.jar, megathin3.jar

Driver Class Name: openlink.jdbc3.Driver

Connection URL: jdbc:openlink://<Hostname>:[portnumber] [/UID] [/PWD] [/READONLY] [/SVT]

Here is a description of each of the parameters:


jdbc:openlink://localhost:5000/SVT=Ingres II/DATABASE=iidbdb/UID=ingres/PWD=ingres
jdbc:openlink:// 8.1.x/DATABASE=ORCL/UID=scott/PWD=tiger
jdbc:openlink://saturn:5000/SVT=Progress 91D/DATABASE=isports/OPTIONS=-S isports -N tcp -H saturn
jdbc:openlink://localhost:5000/SVT=SQLServer 2000/DATABASE=Northwind/UID=sa/OPTIONS= -S SATURN