Identify the Progress SQL mode (i.e., SQL-89 or SQL-92)

Progress 8.x and earlier can only run in SQL-89 mode. Progress OpenEdge 10.x and later can only run in SQL-92 mode.

Progress 9.x has a hybrid engine that can run in either SQL-89 or SQL-92 mode, or both. Use the following steps to learn which mode your Progress 9.x instance is running in.

  1. Log in to your Progress DBMS server.
  2. Locate the database log file. Typically, the log file should have the same name as the database .db file, but with an .lg extension; e.g., the sports92.db file will typically have a corresponding sports92.lg file.
  3. Make a copy of the database log file.
  4. Open the copy with a text editor.
  5. Locate the section corresponding to the most recent database startup.
  6. Look for a line similar to this:

    11:50:04 BROKER 0: This broker supports both 4GL and SQL server groups. (8865)

    Reference to 4GL indicates SQL-89 mode. Reference to SQL indicates SQL-92 mode. Reference to both is referred to as "mixed" mode.

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