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    Upgrades & Pre-Existing Installations

    Identifying Pre-existing Installations

    Use the following instructions to search for pre-existing OpenLink components on partner-supplied machines and other hardware:

    1. Open Windows ODBC Data Sources Administrators or Mac iODBC Data Sources Administrators. Click on the Drivers tab. Look for OpenLink driver entries.

    Windows ODBC Administrator

    2. Open Windows registries. Expand the HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI tree structure. Look for OpenLink driver entries.

    Windows Registry

    3. Use the Windows explorer to search for oplrqb.exe, olod*.dll, or lite32.

    Windows Explorer

    4. Open the Windows Services utility and look for an OpenLink Request Broker or License Manager service.

    Windows Services Utility

    5. Log in to Mac OS X machines and open the Applications folder. Look for an OpenLink=>Universal Data Access Drivers folder structure.

    6. Log in to Unix machines and use the find / -name file -print command to search for the following files: oplrqb, oplodbc.s*, openlink.ini

    Unix find Command

    Discovery of one or more of these files confirms the presence of OpenLink's Multi-Tier, Single-Tier or Express Edition drivers. If you want to install new software, you have two options:

    7. Remove the old software and start fresh.

    8. Obtain version information from the existing software and obtain new components from the same build.

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