Error Message: Disconnected from server because database name was incorrect. (437) or Remote Database Name not valid

Provide the full path to the database file in the "Database Name" field in your ODBC Data Source Names. This value may be case-sensitive, depending on your version of Progress, and should exactly match the -db argument used to launch the Progress server (e.g., _mproserv).

If the problem persists, you may need to update your UDA components, particularly if you are connecting to Progress/OpenEdge 10. Changes to the Progress 10 SQL-92 engine forced us to change the way that we pass the database name to the server. This enhancement has been incorporated into Release 6.2 and later components.


  • Request Broker Log File
  • Request Broker Rulebook
  • DBMS Version
  • Progress launch attributes (most easily discovered in the .lg file)

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