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    iODBC SDK Development

    iODBC is an alternative ODBC Driver Manager solution for developing ODBC components and applications for non-Windows systems (e.g., Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, Linux). iODBC is a free project licensed exclusively under the LGPL and BSD licenses, and it is developed and maintained by OpenLink Software. iODBC permits non-Windows systems to communicate with databases via ODBC.

    The ODBC API consists of a set of functions to enable any C/C++ applications linked against it to access and manage data. The ODBC specification is currently maintained by Microsoft Corporation.

    iODBC is compliant with Microsoft ODBC version 3.51.

    iODBC SDKs are different for each platform. iODBC SDKs are available free of charge from the iODBC web site, released under the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL). The SDKs are made up of include files (.h), libraries for the corresponding platform, and a sample application for testing and demonstration (odbctest). The sample application is an Interactive Dynamic SQL Interpreter. Its sources are included for your use as you see fit.

    There are no drivers included with the iODBC SDK, but you can find many on the OpenLink web site and from other third party middleware vendors.

    iODBC SDK on Unix

    Linking iODBC and ODBC Applications on Mac OS

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