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    Upgrades & Pre-Existing Installations

    Detecting Sofware Versions

    You may employ a variety of methods to obtain your product version information. Windows and Mac Single-Tier users should open their ODBC Administrator. The Single-Tier driver version appears on the Drivers tab of this Administrator. Users simple scroll through the Driver list box, locate their driver, and record the version string, which appears to the right of the driver name.

    Windows & Mac Client Drivers (Express Edition/Single-Tier/Multi-Tier)

    1. Open your ODBC Data Sources Administrator or iODBC Data Sources Administrator.
    2. Click the Drivers tab.
    3. Scroll through the list box until you locate the OpenLink driver.
    4. View the driver version information that appears to the right of the driver name.

    Unix Client Drivers (Single-Tier/Multi-Tier)

    1. Login to the client machine.
    2. cd into the root of the OpenLink installation.
    3. Execute the openlink.sh or openlink.csh shell script.
    4. cd into the /samples/ODBC (MT) or /bin (ST) sub-directory of the installation.
    5. Use odbctest or iodbctest to connect to your Data Source.
    6. View the driver version information that appears above the SQL> prompt.
    7. Alternatively, run one of the following commands from the /lib sub-directory:

    HP-UX strings *.sl grep "Driver" sort -u
    All Other Unix strings *.so grep "Driver" sort -u

    Multi-Tier Server Components (All Platforms)

    1. Open a DOS Command Prompt, Unix console terminal, or similar command line utility.
    2. cd into the /bin sub-directory of the OpenLink server components installation.
    3. Type the broker or agent name and append -? or ?v to the end of the name. For example:

    oplrqb -?
    ingii_mv -?
    sql_mv -?

    4. Record the version information that is returned by the broker or agent.

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