OpenLinkSupportBulletin200811 DataSpaces, 2008-11DataSpaces, 2008-11 A monthly newsletter dedicated to the promotion of best practices and education in the data access and integration communities. Brought to you by the team at OpenLink Software November 2008 SupportWeb - Upgrade your support experience OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the launch of the new UNKNOWN tag: UNKNOWN tag: The SupportWeb comprises an extensive set of updated, revised, and brand new resources requested by evaluators and customers, to ensure that hassles associated with product selection, evaluation, licensing are a thing of the past.. Challenges associated with HSODBC, Linked Servers, and SSIS data integration tasks are laid bare and tips, tricks, and real, workable solutions are provided to smooth the data integration experience. (Hint: Virtuoso!) Take advantage of the SupportWeb today to simplify and expedite resolution of all your data access needs.Evaluator's Start Page Convenient reference area for users who are new to the OpenLink experience. Universal Data Access Drivers Comparison Guide A side-by-side feature comparison chart for OpenLink's Single-Tier Express Edition, Single-Tier Lite Edition, and Multi-Tier Enterprise Edition drivers. Supported Architectures Concept and deployment diagrams that visually depict the wide range of architectures and topologies supported by OpenLink's data-access products. Product Licensing Guide All-new guide explaining OpenLink's licensing models. CPU Detection Guide Much-needed instructions for detecting physical processor cores and differentiating physical cores from virtual cores. Installation Guide All of OpenLink's invaluable installation and configuration guides displayed in one, convenient place. Universal Data Access Wiki Web Revised Data Access Suite documentation exposed in both OpenLink-standard and user-editable formats. Data Migration & Integration Comprehensive information for users embarking on data migration or integration tasks that include technologies such as HSODBC, DG4ODBC, SSIS, and SQL Server Linked Servers. Legacy Support & Deprecation Clear and concise statement of Support options for users with legacy products. Visit the new UNKNOWN tag: UNKNOWN tag: today to take advantage of all its new features. You, YODA, and the Semantic Web OpenLink President and CEO Kingsley Idehen explains why the so-called Semantic Web is really about "You." Or is it YODA? -- "You-Oriented Data Access." Read this humorous and timely piece on advances in the approaching "Web 3.0" or "Linked Data Web," and learn why it really is all about you: Get your Personal URI - Free Ready to jump on the Web 3.0 bandwagon? If you are, you need to get your own, personal URI. Don't know what that is? Don't worry. OpenLink Product Support explains all in its informative Linked Data Beginner's Page. Virtuoso 5.0.9 on the horizon Stay tuned for the imminent release of Virtuoso Universal Server version 5.0.9, the premier Master Data Management Tool. UNKNOWN tag: OpenLink Software, Inc. Making Technology Work for You