Linked Data Beginner's Page

What is Linked Data?

Linked Data provides a methodology for exposing all forms of data using an RDF data model. This methodology also provides individual data objects with unique identifiers in the form of URIs, which enable the data to be accessed via HTTP. Data that is exposed in this manner has the advantage of retaining context which makes searches against the data more likely to return usable results. Data from heterogeneous data stores can be easily and meaningfully meshed with other data. And legacy or highly proprietary data can be easily integrated with open and standards-based applications. Thus, long-standing problems concerning the integration, migration, and querying of all types of internal, external, legacy, structured, and unstructured heterogeneous data can now be resolved. This is a significant advance over standard data access technologies currently in use.

How does Linked Data benefit me or my enterprise?

Linked Data and associated technologies have numerous benefits for users and corporations. Linked Data provides an end to problematic data silos that arise when proprietary and/or legacy data stores can not be integrated with other, internal or external data sources. Linked Data also provides a means to model and integrate all existing data using easy-to-adopt and open industry standards while preserving legacy investments and workflow. This means enterprises will not be subjected to dangerous vendor lock-in, nor will enterprises need to embark on cyclical, costly and inefficient rip-and-replace tactics to keep current with emerging technologies. Use of constituent Linked Data technologies such as personal URIs mean that private individuals have new means to integrate and manage blogs, wikis, and other Web resources they currently maintain. URIs also provide an end to the nightmare of managing identities on the Web, and they provide a means for ensuring that all of one's contributions to the Web can be tracked back to him or her.

How do I get started with Linked Data?

OpenLink Software is committed to providing all customers and evaluators with the tools that they need to experience, learn about, and perform meaningful work with the Linked Data Web. A simple OpenLink registration provides:

What additional resources can help me learn about Linked Data?

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