Troubleshooting Licensing Problems

Problems with our licenses are typically easy to resolve. The following information provides a conceptual framework and troubleshooting tips suitable for all licensing problems.

Identifying License Problems

License problems occur when users attempt to apply them to incorrect products or when they hit a ceiling associated with concurrent usage. Most license errors are explicit and include text that states whether the active license is invalid, expired, or exceeded. Performance and stability issues that do not produce explicitly license-related error msesages are not likely to be caused by licenses.

Evaluation licenses do not limit overall functionality. Our products are fully functional regardless of the license key applied. An evaluation or other license key may place limits on the length of time for which a product may be used (expiration date), the number of concurrently active database sessions and/or client hosts, or the supported data access mechanisms (ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, ADO.NET). Explicit error messages indicating such license-based limitations will be produced when relevant.

Sources of Licensing Problems

Licenses problems appear under the following circumstances:

Troubleshooting Tips

Use the following tips to resolve your licensing issues and/or supply our Support staff with your findings: