OATDOCIndex OAT Documentation OAT Documentation OAT Conceptual Overview Basic Operation Obsolete Calls Event Handling Basics Messaging AJAX Security mechanisms What is new in OAT? OAT API Index ajax2.js - Provides basic Asynchronous XML call (AJAX) routines. anchor.js - Enhanced Anchor tag. animation.js - Implements basic animation framework, as well as some pre-defined animation effects. barchart.js - Library for drawing Bar charts, using HTML DOM. bezier.js - Provides two mathematical functions for drawing Bezier curves. calendar.js - Displays a calendar for date picking. color.js - Displays a color picker. combobox.js - Creates a combobox, an enhanced select which allows richer options. combobutton.js - Creates a multifunctional button, which enables user to specify a callback action to be performed when it is clicked. combolist.js - Creates a combolist, select with additional possibility of direct user input. connection.js - Connection object for data access. crypto.js - Provides cryptographic (hashing) functions. datasource.js - An Ajax Database Connectivity (ADBC) layer. dav.js - Displays a WebDavBrowser window for file picking/opening/saving. dialog.js - Simple wrapper for ok/cancel dialog, that can contain any data. dimmer.js - Shows an object while dimming others, i.e., a Lightbox effect. dock.js - Creates a draggable system of docking elements, grouped into columns. drag.js - Provides dragging (moving) capability for any DOM node. fisheye.js - Creates Mac-like dock. fresnel.js - Fresnel Lens RDF Processor. ghostdrag.js - Provides drag'n'drop functionality. graphsvg.js - SVG-based RDF Graph viewer. grid.js - Advanced grid (table) control. instant.js - Provides pop-up functionality to any element. json.js - Implements two crucial JSON functions - parse and stringify. keyboard.js - Keyboard events and shortcut handling. layers.js - Generic z-index manager. linechart.js - Library for drawing Line charts, using SVG. loader.js - This is the basic library. Can be considered a toolkit on its own, as it provides many useful functions and shortcuts. map.js - Abstract API atop various mapping providers. menu.js - Pop-up menu control. n3.js - N3/Turtle parser. notify.js - Provides API for informative notification boxes. panelbar.js - Panelbar widget (like mozilla sidebar). piechart.js - Library for drawing Pie charts, using SVG. pivot.js - Advanced interactive Pivot table. quickedit.js - Provides edit-in-place functionality. rdf.js - RDF/XML parser. rdfbrowser.js - Multi-purpose RDF Browser. rdfstore.js - Client-side RDF store. rdftabs.js - Tabs API for OAT RDF applications. resize.js - Provides resizing capability for any DOM node. rotator.js - Creates a set of 'rotating' elements, which are cyclically displayed in an infinite fashion (1, 2, 3, 1, 2 ...). rssreader.js - RSS Feed reader supporting both RSS and RDF feeds. simplefx.js - Simple eye-candy effects: shadows, rounding etc. soap.js - Provides basic asynchronous XML call (AJAX) routines for use with SOAP requests. sparqline.js - Library for drawing Sparklines using SVG. sqlquery.js - SQL Query manipulation library. This is an incomplete library, thus without doc. statistics.js - Elementary statistic functions. svg.js - SVG helper provides simplified way of SVG elements creation. tab.js - Provides tab functionality. tagcloud.js - Displays a "Tag Cloud", visually enhanced set of links. ticker.js - Slowly appearing and disappearing text. timeline.js - Draggable timeline. toolbar.js - Basic Toolbar control. tree.js - Convertsultag into interactive tree. upload.js - Creates form with variable number of upload slots. validation.js - Creates restricted input controls. win.js - Creates windows. ws.js - Web Services (WSDL) interface. xml.js - Parses a string of XML data and returns a document object. xmla.js - XML for Analysis (XMLA) methods. CategoryDocumentation CategoryOAT CategoryOpenSource